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#fridayreads, 28/12/2012

December 28, 2012 Leave a comment

#fridayreads, 28/12/2012


“The Civil War Of 1812” by Alan Taylor, a detailed look at the post-War Of Independence conflict between the United States and the United Kingdom. I first heard of this from my Canadian (now ex-)girlfriend, and while I was visiting Canada in 2005 I found a book that gave details of the American invasion of Canada. This book by Taylor has a wider scope, and should be an interesting insight into a little-known aspect of North American history.

“The Operators” by Michael Hastings is a look at one of the leading figures in a more contemporary conflict. General Stanley McChrystal was the leader of the US military forces in Afghanistan until Rolling Stone writer Hastings reported some less-than-complimentary remarks the general made about Vice President Joe Biden. Because of the Hastings piece published in Rolling Stone, McChrystal was removed from command and eventually replaced by General David Petraeus, who later as director of the Central Intelligence Agency was forced to resign over a sex scandal.

[No, I won’t be reading these concurrently, but I did buy them today. I’m yet to decide which to tackle first.]