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Tiger Temple

November 25, 2004 Leave a comment



Thanks to Ricada for the pics.

[UPDATE, December 2006: I’ve since heard some disturbing rumours about this place, that most of the animals there (and the tigers in particular) are allegedly fed a steady stream of tranquilisers and other downers to make them docile. They’re also apparently mistreated. So use your conscience if you’re ever in the area and are considering visiting this place.]


The Spoils Of War

November 24, 2004 Leave a comment

KANCHANABURI, THAILAND – Seems my last e-mail got mangled a bit, the browser crashed as I was trying to send it.


I’m still in Kanchanaburi, having a great time as you would when the local brew costs AU$1 a bottle and accommodation on the Kwai River is AU$5 a night.. :)

I went to the Bridge today, and to the war museum nearby. Very powerful, to realise all that went on in that area during WW2 affected me quite a bit. I think Cambodia is really gonna hit me hard.

I met up with two other travellers, Caitriona from Ireland and Ricarda from Germany, we’ve been hanging out, climbing waterfalls, petting tigers [pictured], swimming, boozing it up and harrassing the locals with some Godawful snooker/pool playing, pretty ordinary attempts at spoken Thai, and singing so bad I’m sure we’re breaching the Geneva Convention somehow.

I’m planning on heading to Laos sometime in the next 2 weeks but I’ve heard that there’s a big international govt. conference on (ASEAN or something) in the capitol at the moment and they’ve closed the borders as a security measure. If the don’t reopen before my visa expires on Dec. 13th I’ll have to go to Cambodia first. The benefits of no plans. :)

So yeah… I’m still alive, a mite hung over right now, having a complete blast. Love & peace to all baby, yeah! :)