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January 30, 2007 Comments off

Avarua, Cook Islands – I’m not able to report. Sorry. It’s been… there’s a lot happening. Physically, yes, it’s idyllic and tranquil and relaxing, but… the internal emotional things I’ve encountered are a different matter entirely. The reasons I came here, those “objectives”, to use a somewhat distant term, are now fuzzy. I cannot write about this, not yet.

So here’s some photos.


Surf report – Miu Ne, Vietnam

January 4, 2005 Leave a comment

“Going off bigtime” is not an appropriate description. 5 inch swell, 4 second sets. The water, however, is delightfully warm and refreshing.

I landed here at just after lunchtime New Year’s Day, saw the beach lined with palm trees and the quite cheap resorts and thought, “Oh yes indeed.”

I’m off to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) in about 5 hours. That city, I’m told, makes the rest of Vietnam seem like a sleepy town. So I’m trying to prepare myself, given that I’ve found just about everywhere else to be very full-on.

I’m continuing to have a good time & meet some cool people, and drink some truly awful alcohol. This will require some elaboration when I have cheaper Internet access.

Vietnam is quite intense and I’ve felt less than good a few times. But it’s all about change, that’s why I’m here, and it’s happening.

So… I’ll head off then. :) Hope everyone is doing well/

Take care.

Karsoe/Paul C

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