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Return from Sabattical?

I guess two years is more than just a hiatus. The trouble has been choosing what to write about. Since the last Federal election, I’ve paid probably too much attention to politics and what our government has been doing since winning the poll on 7/9/13.

And with Tony Abbott as Australia’s PM, the question is, “Where the hell do I start?” Just looking at the gigantic pile of gaffes, fuck-ups and deliberate horrible things is daunting enough. The stink infects you if you’re just standing near it. And that’s just Abbott. The rest of his crew is at least as gross.

It’s all just so goddamn exhausting. You don’t even get to process one vile utterance from the Libs when another reeking Tory turd is shat out by one of them, so huge you can’t step around it. This nation is full of people putting their heads in their hands and muttering, “What the fuck is wrong with this country?”

The truly heartbreaking thing is that the Labor Party, the opposition-in-exile, is very nearly just as shithouse. They’re in lockstep with the government on too many bastardly things for them to even pretend to be an alternative for any voters with a conscience.

I don’t know where this path will take Australia, but given the terrible steps that have been taken so far, it can’t end anywhere good.