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Sold my soul with my cigarettes

HUE, VIETNAM – Today I did something quite touristy and went on a tour of the old DMZ (Demilitarised Zone) near what used to be the border of north and south Vietnam.

Initially I was going to just do the tour and get the bus back to Dong Ha, then spend the night and get another bus on to Hué tomorrow. I was then told that the bus goes on directly to Hué anyhow, so here I am.

The tour took us to the old border gate (painted red on the north side and yellow on the south) and then continued on to a series of North Vietnamese tunnels near the town of Vinh Moc. This region was so heavily bombed by the US during the war that families actually lived in these tunnels for days at a time. I was in them for 15 minutes and started feeling claustrophobic! But then again, I didn’t have B-52s dropping tons of bombs on my home.

The Aussies on the list will really appreciate this… after the tunnels at Vinh Moc we went to the Khe Sanh Combat Base. This was the scene of one of the biggest battles of the war. Now it’s very peaceful, green, but in 1968 it would’ve looked considerably different. Just to be there was quite awesome.

I’m now in Hué, and haven’t seen much of the city yet but it has a pretty cool vibe so far.

Getting late, just thought I’d drop a quick g’day on yez.

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