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Next move?

Hi all,

I’m back in Ayuthaya, trying to decide whether I should get on the overnight train to the Laos border, or get a visa extension and stay in Thailand for the duration. I’m really in two minds over it. Maybe a quiet place (unlikely) and a cold beer (very likely) will help me think things through.

And I have a lot to sort out in my mind, least of which is where to go next.

It’s nice to get away from the chaos of Bangkok. When I got there after a week in Kanchanaburi it wasn’t the first time I had culture shock over familiar things, but it was certainly the most intense. The traffic, the heat, the drunken English/Scottish/Irish backpackers, all things you’d expect I’d be used to from home. When I first got here I kind of enjoyed the backpacker thing on Khao San Road, when I went away and came back I was like “Oh God, can I go now?”


It’s the King’s birthday today, and just about everywhere is gearing up for a pretty big night of celebration. I spent most of today walking around town and seeing a few things I missed with Jen last Tuesday. Anyone with even a passing interest in ancient civilisations would really enjoy Ayuthaya, I highly recommend it.

I was going to leave Bangkok on Thursday but I’m glad I didn’t as I bumped into someone I know from home! I ran into Silvia, who used to work at a laundromat about 300m from my house. It was great to *finally* get to meet! :) G’day Silvia, I hope you’re enjoying Brazil.

Haven’t been up to much, basically enjoying not working and also these new experiences & feelings. And to answer the questions from many of the blokes on this spam list, the answers would be “No”. :)

Gotta go. Take care everyone.

– Paul C.

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