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The Spoils Of War

KANCHANABURI, THAILAND – Seems my last e-mail got mangled a bit, the browser crashed as I was trying to send it.


I’m still in Kanchanaburi, having a great time as you would when the local brew costs AU$1 a bottle and accommodation on the Kwai River is AU$5 a night.. :)

I went to the Bridge today, and to the war museum nearby. Very powerful, to realise all that went on in that area during WW2 affected me quite a bit. I think Cambodia is really gonna hit me hard.

I met up with two other travellers, Caitriona from Ireland and Ricarda from Germany, we’ve been hanging out, climbing waterfalls, petting tigers [pictured], swimming, boozing it up and harrassing the locals with some Godawful snooker/pool playing, pretty ordinary attempts at spoken Thai, and singing so bad I’m sure we’re breaching the Geneva Convention somehow.

I’m planning on heading to Laos sometime in the next 2 weeks but I’ve heard that there’s a big international govt. conference on (ASEAN or something) in the capitol at the moment and they’ve closed the borders as a security measure. If the don’t reopen before my visa expires on Dec. 13th I’ll have to go to Cambodia first. The benefits of no plans. :)

So yeah… I’m still alive, a mite hung over right now, having a complete blast. Love & peace to all baby, yeah! :)

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