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Moving On

BANGKOK, THAILAND – I’m off to a town called Kanchanaburi tomorrow. The town is not well known, but the river near it (and moreso, the bridge over that river) is quite famous, it’s the Kwai River. I suspect it will be a nice break from Bangkok, there’s apparently some good hiking to be done and some spectacular waterfalls nearby. I’ll be there for Loy Krathong, which is held on the full moon in November (the last full moon in the Thai lunar calander). It’s a ritual that involves floating a candle and incense down a river, and if the candle stays lit until it’s out of sight you will have good luck for the following year.

Today I visited the Grand Palace, and as soon as I entered the gate I got a sense of the history and power of the old Saimese kingdom. The buildings are just spectacular, and the military guards looked more like they should be studying for their high school exams rather than guarding the Palace. :)

I also went to Wat Pho, a very old temple complex which houses the largest reclining Buddha in Thailand. I spent about an hour just strolling around the grounds there, and left with an amazing feeling of serenity (which, surprisingly, has not been shattered by the chaos that is Bangkok’s peak hour).

I’m a bit miffed that I didn’t bring a camera, but honestly, photos can’t do justice to half of what I’ve seen.

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