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Greetings from Bangkok

Well, I survived the trip. I’m just surviving Bangkok too. Anyone who reckons Sydney is intense should pop over here for a while, it redefines the term.

It’s alledgedly almost winter here too, but you wouldn’t know it. The humidity definitely prompts bulk consumption of beer (which, to the surprise of many of you, I’ve not yet done).

I haven’t really done a lot yet, the trip knackered me (I was awake for 27 hours), so I’ve just been strolling about and trying to get oriented and resting. Well, trying to. It seems that I landed in the middle of a large and surprisingly boisterous Buddhist festival, which basically involves lots of very loud music, lion dancing and fireworks until about 2am.

I have to find somewhere else to crash today, and will have a look at some of the temples later this arvo.

Two things about Bangkok:
1. They don’t seem to have traffic rules here, more like traffic suggestions.
2. I’m yet to figure out what purpose the pedestrian crossings serve.

I also saw something very scary last night, a tattooist who operates out of a Kombi van. I’d like to get some more ink done but I think I’ll wait until I get back home.

Better go. Hope everyone is well.

Take care,

Paul C./Karsoe

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